Sunday, May 1, 2016


You are so close that I’m afraid, I will fall again.
Maybe I fell, way too deep. It hurts down here, but it feels good as well.
We have never been this close. But can you feel my presence? Hope not.
Many things happened that made my smile, but I was dreaming.
You dragged me to my dream, again. Far away from reality.
Pernahkah tanpa sengaja kau memikirkan seseorang yang sudah lama tidak bertemu, tiba-tiba orang tersebut muncul, atau kau bertemu dengannya atau kau menerima telepon darinya? Itu adalah Kuasa Allah yang sedang menghiburmu. Tidak ada yang namaya kebetulan."
Ukhwah itu bukan pada indahnya pertemuan, tapi pada ingatan seseorang terhadap saudaranya di dalam doanya. " - Imam Al-Ghazali
IB : My dream.
- Ananimos -


  1. Funny how dreams can deceive people in a way they'll desire to live in a dream, instead of living in real life where the reality is. Keep on writing, you'll be surprise how far it can take you.


    1. Haha! I've been deceived by my dream D: It's just i think.. Throughout the day you've been waiting for something to happen to you in reality and living in a dream make it feels realistic, until the next morning, the happiness stays longer. BUT not when when your reality is so much better and makes you even happier than before, I think I would never go back to sleep, again. Tapi esen. Thank you, senpai. <3 a long way to go! /Cries even more/ finally, one comment.